Swamp Walk Everglades

Explore the World-Famous Marshland by Foot

The Swamp Walk is a famous and notorious hiking tour through the waters of Everglades National Park. This is done under the guidance of an experienced park ranger. In search of a remarkable animal: the American alligator. It is one of the coolest excursions you can do in this part of Florida.

This excursion is the ideal way to see the area from a different perspective. You will go with a small group. A marvellous hike, which can be quite exciting.

What Does the Swamp Walk Excursion Look Like?

You will gett a stick to hold on to. But also to possibly smack an American alligator on its nose if it gets too close. Seriously. However, these animals would rather avoid a confrontation than attack a group.

During my excursion, there was one that we saw lying about five meters away. I think the alligator was about 1.5 meters tall. The guide walked towards the animal, which quickly moved away. Honestly, I was impressed, I didn't take any photos.

Please note that you will be walking in water that is about 20 to 40 cm deep. The water may be quite murky, making it difficult to see. However, this also adds to the thrill and excitement.

Hiking through the Everglades. ©Corno van den Berg

The water is remarkably warm and the guide explains everything along the way about the Glades. About the many animals that live here, the plants, the climate, etc. This is a unique, but above all intriguing excursion.

How to Arrange the Swamp Walk in the Everglades?

Information is available in various visitor centres, where you can also sign up for the tour. It's wise to make your reservation in advance by phone, so you're guaranteed a spot.

During the excursion, be sure to bring along an extra pair of shoes. Because you will get wet, it's muddy, and it smells a bit. Actually, it smells quite a lot. So it's also handy to bring a plastic bag.

For more information: BigCypressInstitute

Best Time to Visit the Everglades

The Everglades have roughly two seasons: the dry tourist season (November to May) and the season of mosquitoes and sand fleas (June to October).

The dry tourist season also means that it can be busy. Excursions in particular can quickly be fully booked. Below are some useful tips to plan your visit.

Note: book your excursion online in advance, then you know for sure that you can join.

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