Everglades Airboat Ride

Unique Excursion with an Airboat through the Marshes of Florida

With an Airboat, or propeller boat, you can navigate the swamps of the Everglades National Park very well. It is well-known from television series like CSI Miami. It is a unique experience.

An Airboat Ride is a thrilling journey over the shallow waters of the Everglades National Park. You will zip through the marshlands just outside the park as it is prohibited within the park. But these are still parts of the Everglades; the largest swamp in Florida.

Airboat Ride through the Everglades.

What Does a Tour with an Airboat Look Like?

Beforehand, you will first receive safety instructions about the boat. As well as information about the speed and how you should behave. Then you will be given headphones against the noise of the boat. And you have to hold on tight because the throttle is opened. You race over the water at a high speed. The big propeller at the back simply blows you across the water. A unique experience.

You hardly have time to look around because the boat often makes fast turns. But there are stops. Stops see animals. Occasionally, the speed is adjusted, among other things, to observe animals, such as the American alligator. But also turtles, often from remarkably close distance. You can take a photo, but you have to be careful that the captain doesn't suddenly open the throttle. Of course, they do pay attention to you while they are sailing.

An alligator and turtles during an airboat excursion in the Everglades.

During this excursion, you may get a little wet at a sharp turn, but this rarely happens. And take a look at the plants they are gliding over. It's as if nothing has happened. The plants thrive in the current. 

The best time to board these propeller boats is early in the morning or at the end of the day. The view is even more beautiful then. Most companies are located along the Tamiami Trail (just outside the national park). 

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Be Aware!

Pay close attention to the size of the boat. Some are for 'tour buses' with twenty seats, others only for two or four. So keep this in mind. The smaller the boat, the better the experience.

Also, pay attention to how long the excursion is. There are very cheap ones, but those are shorter in time. You really should spend more than half an hour exploring the marshes to fully experience this area. 

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