Watch Bubble-net feeding humpbacks

Unique behaviour of humpback whales provides a mega spectacle

Whales hunt for fish using a specific tactic. It is called bubble-net feeding. This behaviour can be seen in particular in Alaska. But you always need some luck, no guarantees.

This is a unique natural phenomenon. Every summer, hundreds of humpback whales come to southern Alaska, especially around Juneau (and Keflavik), to hunt for fish. They do that in a wonderful way. You can experience it from a boat.

How do whales hunt for fish?

In particular, it is groups of humpback whales that swim especially to Alaska to apply this technique. On pegs. In an ingenious way; air bubbles.

They swim in a circle around the herring and release air bubbles. In ever smaller circles. With this, they drive the fish together. And then they come – remarkably fast – with their jaws open to the surface to catch as many fish as possible. And you can experience it.

Where can I see this in Alaska?

Bubble-net feeding whales.

Juneau, the capital of Alaska, is the best place according to experts. You can even see it here in the harbour sometimes. Although you have to be lucky.

Another place where the whales love to hunt herring is Resurrection Bay. However, there are no set times for the whales to do this, but the locals know the animals well. And so you have a fair chance on a whale safari.

Bubble-net feeding Whale excursions

There are special excursions, but you never have any guarantees. The best time is the end of June when there are many whales that go hunting together. But even if you miss hunting, you will see an unprecedented number of whales. And often up close.

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