Humpback Whale

This is the most seen whale that likes to show its tail

The humpback whale is found in all oceans. And so, with a bit of luck, can be seen all year round. It can be done from the coast, but also during a whale safari. This can be done in various places, usually with success.

These animals can be seen on a whale safari all over the planet. Humpbacks are usually not shy, so you can view them often up close.

How do I recognise a humpback whale?

These animals are easily recognisable by the hump on their back when they dive under water. This is remarkably visible. That is why it used to be called the humpback whale from the whalers. Its stocky build and dark colour are also often striking.

The Latin name is megaptera novaeangliae, which you often hear when you go on a whale safari.

How do I get the best photo of a humpback?

Taking a picture of a humpback whale is not easy. The animals suddenly disappear under water and otherwise come up again. This can take minutes, but also a few seconds. It is best to wait for the animal to dive underwater. Then his tail (almost always) comes completely above the water. And so you can make the famous tail photo.

A humpback whale breaches. ©Corno van den Berg

It is more difficult to zoom in. Better you can set your camera to widescreen and then zoom in on your photo later on the computer. Then you have a great chance to capture the animal. You can shoot in automatic mode, but you can also set your aperture as low as possible and your ISO up. So that you can capture every movement razor-sharp.

Best tips for a whale safari

If you are on a whale safari the guide will give you lots of tips. About where the animal may surface again, so keep your camera at hand. He knows the behaviour of the animals, so he often knows when he dives under water. So that you can proudly show your tail at home.

Best places to see a humpback whale