Orsa Bear Park

Large Predator Park with Local Animals like Brown Bear, Wolf, Lynx and Wolverine

Orsa Bear Park is located in the extensive forests of Dalarna in Sweden. This region is home to most of the brown bears in all of Sweden. Research suggests that more than a hundred wild brown bears live in this part. For this reason, a bear park was established to conduct research. And so that visitors can see these shy animals up close. Read about the best tips for visiting Orsa Bear Park.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of zoos. However, this park is somewhat different. Orsa is a predator park. In fact, this is the largest predator park in Europe. The focus is on the wildlife of Sweden. Originally, the park was set up to showcase native animals. It has since grown into a park where visitors are made aware of the richness of Swedish nature. And how they can help protect it. 

A wolverine. ©Corno van den Berg

Which Animals Can I See at Orsa Bear Park?

The animals in the park are rarely spotted in the wild by most visitors. This is because they are often shy, or because they are nocturnal. At Orsa, you can see animals like the brown bear, as well as the wolf, lynx and wolverine. They all live in the vast forests of Sweden.

Research into Bears

The park also conducts extensive research into the bear population in this area, as well as the other animals. The pressure from people is increasing, putting the habitat under pressure. Bears that have run into trouble are also taken in. Such as young ones, where their mother has been killed in road incidents for example.

A European lynx. ©Corno van den Berg

You will also find predators from other parts of the world, such as tigers, polar bears and more. Most animals have an unprecedentedly large space, with many trees and shrubs, for example. This is also their habitat and so you see a lot of natural behaviour. The wolves have the largest space, so you can't always see them easily, I noticed. But I took my time and eventually, I saw a wolf outsmart a mole. The animal had a lot of patience and dug out the mole. After which he ate it at his leisure.

A European brown bear at Orsa. ©Corno van den Berg

The park opened its doors in 1986, on a hill near Lake Orsa. It is part of Orsa Grönklitt, a popular holiday park for families. Where you can hike well, but also go mountain biking, fishing and go on a safari with a guide to see the moose.

Accommodation in Dalarna

The Dalarna region is well worth exploring over several days. I travelled around here for a small week and stayed in numerous small hotels and holiday homes. There is a wide choice, both in the villages and in nature. Take the time for this area, it is absolutely worth it.  

More information: www.orsarovdjurspark.se

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