Stay at the original Ice Hotel

The very first ice hotel, and the only one that’s open all year

The original Ice Hotel in Sweden is world famous. It’s known for its impressive ice sculptures in each room, in the bar and even in its chapel. A stay at this hotel is a magical experience. Especially when you wake up and think: where on earth am I again?

These days there are many ice hotels, especially around Scandinavia, but this was the very first. And now you can stay at the original Ice Hotel any time of year.

The chapel in the Ice Hotel in Kiruna.

A wonderful experience

Don’t worry, you will definitely not have to stay in icy rooms your whole stay, there are heated spaces and rooms not made out of ice. The bathrooms are also heated…n(ice) to know, right?

How do you sleep at night?

Everything is provided to make your stay comfortable, you are given a sleeping bag and plenty of tips of what to wear and how to stay warm. You’ll be nice and cosy when you’re ready to close your eyes.

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