Stay at the Tree Hotel in Sweden

Unique Architecture in the Scandinavian Forest

The Tree Hotel in Sweden is not an ordinary hotel with regular rooms. The rooms of the Boomhotel are literally hanging in the trees. Architecture in the Swedish forest, in the middle of Lapland. And yes, you want to spend the night in one of these accommodations.

You stay at a hotel to have a place to sleep, but some hotels are extremely special. For example, the Tree Hotel in Sweden, sixty kilometres below the polar circle.

One of the accommodations.

Every room has been designed by a different architect. And truth be told: they are eccentric! There are seven rooms and you’re welcome to come and stay here, or enjoy the tree sauna.

Could you spend the night here?

Amazing Tree Huts

It’s a luxurious way to enjoy the outdoors, for travellers with an interest in design. That’s how it’s being described. Its founders were inspired by the film Trädälskaren (The Tree Lover) by Jonas Selberg Augustsen. And they hope to bring their guest in harmony with nature. The eco-friendly ‘tree rooms’ are made in pine trees using local materials.

The famous Tree Nest.

The rooms have great names, such as The Bird’s Nest (which really looks like one) and the most notable is the Mirror Cube. The mirrors make it seem invisible between the trees. The UFO seems alien, as does The Blue Cone. The Cabin and The Room with a View are a little less out there, but they are still quite special. Especially because they are in the middle of the forest with a guaranteed great view.

The 7th Room is the most recently added. This 55m2-metre cabin is suspended 10 metres above the earth, and can be reached via stairs.

You can also spend the night in winter.

You can stay at this hotel all year round, even in their intense winters. There is heating in all the rooms, as well as running water and bathrooms. 

Visiting the Tree Hotel in Sweden

The hotel is located near the town of Harads, which is surrounded by lakes and forests. Harads is about an hour’s drive from Luleå, which has the largest airport in Sweden’s north. Don’t you agree you should stay here at least once in your life?

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