Seven Hanging Valleys Trail

Elected trail with spectacular views of cliffs and coves in the Algarve

The Seven Hanging Valleys is a famous hiking trail in the Algarve. It leads through seven valleys along the coast. It is a good way to discover the richness of this rugged part of Portugal.

The name says it all. You hike along seven hanging valleys. In other words; hanging rock formations in seven bays. These famous rock formations were created by erosion in recent centuries. The Algarve is not only one of the most beautiful parts of Portugal but also of Europe.

Tips for the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail

The trail runs along the coastline between Vale Centeanes Beach and the famous Praia de Marinha. This well-known beach is regarded as the most beautiful beach in the Algarve. Following the trail, you will come across countless beautiful spots. Such as the Benagil Cave, but also the famous lighthouse of Alfanzina and the lovely beach of Carvalho.

Hiking the route means you go from bay to bay. The view is constantly changing from cliffs to coves to sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. The difference in height is only 47 meters, making the trail moderately easy and it is also suitable for children. It has a relatively low difficulty grade.

The famous lighthouse of Alfanzina along the Seven Hanging Valleys trail.

Starting Point of Seven Hanging Valleys

You can easily do the complete route in one day. A return hike takes approximately 4 to 6 hours. You can also hike only parts of it. The most popular starting point is Praia da Marinha, where you can also visit the well-known beach. Also, Benagil beach, near the cave, is a good starting point. In addition, Praia de Vale Centaines in the west is a good starting point.

Photography Tips

It is especially beautiful in the early morning or at sunset. As the sun will be low and the light will be soft, you have the perfect setting for beautiful pictures.

Seven Hanging Valleys Trail Factsheet

  • Length: 12.000 meters / 7.46 miles (out and back, total)
  • GPS coordinates: 37°05’24.635 “N / 8 ° 24’46.181” W (start), 37º05’28.799 “N / 8º27’14.762” W (finish)
  • Grade: moderate/medium-high difficulty
  • Type: linear trail (out and back), this trail is signposted
  • Average completion time: up to 4 - 6 hours

Best Time to Hike the Seven Hanging Valleys Route

You can hike the trail all year round. In the summer it can get very hot as well as very crowded. Even in winter, it is pleasant to go and much less crowded. Spring is known for its many flowers that can be seen along the trail. As well as many birds. And you can swim in the sea because the water is already warm enough. In the autumn peace returns and you can really enjoy yourself here.

Best Time for the Algarve

You can visit the Algarve all year round. The best time for nature lovers is from March to October. There will be countless flowers in bloom.

Spring starts early here: as early as February. The first orchids already start to bloom in March, when the average temperature is already 15-18 degrees.

If you like hiking or cycling, it is best to go in the spring. In winter there will be regular rain, but the sun can also come out.

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