More Then Just A Popular Holiday Destination

Portugal is often seen as a sun seekers' destination, who often make their way to the Algarve coast. But city trips to Lisbon and Port are also becoming popular. You have to see it for yourself. And taste it!  

Portugal offers something special. It’s quite Mediterranean, but still very different to its neighbour Spain. It’s a great country to visit and explore its culture: its Fado music, the diverse cuisine, and of course the Portugese people.

There is also plenty on offer for active holiday goers. There is a lot to explore along the Algarve coast, or you can go walking on the island of Madeira. Or you can go inland and see the wild landscape there.

The Portugese kitchen is often described as ‘simple, honest and tasty’. It often has simple ingredients, but with bold, refined flavours. There are local variation to many dishes, so you can try them all.

Portugal is really a country you need to discover for yourself, especially its food…

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