Svalbard Cruise

A cruise is the best way to see this archipelago

A cruise around Svalbard is the best way to enjoy the islands. Much of this area is rugged and often virtually inaccessible. A ship is the best means of transport if you want to see the islands and it amazing wildlife.

The islands od Svalbard is a rugged area and parts of it can barely be accessed. The best way to see it is by boat.

It’s especially good in summer when the sun does not set. Thanks to the midnight sun, it will be light 24/7. The light is very delicate, perfect for taking photos.

While on the cruise you can take several excursions to disembark and see animals, such as the walrus. You will also make stops at quaint (Russian) villages such as Barentsburg.

Chances to see a polar bear on a Svalbard cruise

A polar bear seen from a cruiseship.

Along the way you can encounter various animals. Including the polar bear, which is on everyone's wish list. Chances are relatively high during a cruise around Svalbard. In fact, the cruise is both the most likely of all excursions.

How many days should the cruise be?

There are lots of options when it comes to cruises, you can go for a few days, but also a week. Make sure you have a look at which route it will take.

If you’d like to see polar bears, it’s best to take a cruise that visits the east part of the islands as well. Do check this if you want to see the majestic white predators of Svalbard.

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