Extremely high waterfall of 715 meters, with extraordinary views

Kjeragfossen is a large waterfall in the mighty Norwegian fjords. This waterfall is no less than 715 meters high. And yes, he is less known than the nearby Kjerag and Kjeragbolten.

But anyone who takes the hike to Kjerag and Kjeragbolten can easily visit another natural wonder: the Kjeragfossen. This waterfall cascades about 715 meters down into the fjord.

Why is this waterfall not famous?

It is definitely worth a visit in winter and spring. During the summer and autumn it dries up regularly, and that's why some hikers are disappointed. But Kjeragfossen will re-flow like a king after some rain. Be wise and plan tour trip wisely. This waterfall is definitely worth seeing at full force.

Best time for Kjeragfossen

If you want to see the waterfall in all its glory, you have to be here in the spring. Then much of the snow melts and the water supply is at its greatest. And if you want to avoid many tourists, it is useful to start the walk to Kjerag early. Bring a picnic, the Kjeragfossen is the ultimate place for a lunch break.

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