Hike to the Briksdal Glacier

See How Forces of Nature Mould the Landscape

The Briksdal Glacier is one of the few glaciers in the Norwegian fjords. And it is relatively easy to access. The glacier and surroundings show well the beauty of this area in Norway. This article describes the best tips for visiting the Briksdal Glacier.

Those who want to understand the origin of the fjords must hike to the Briksdal Glacier. This side arm of the mighty Jostedale Glacier shows how the natural forces mould the landscape. And you can walk on the ice. The local name is Briksdalbreen.

The ice mass is part of the famous Jostedalsbreen National Park, where numerous glaciers can be found. This immense national park is world-famous among hikers.

Hiking on the Ice of Briksdal Glacier

Hiking on the ice of the Briksdal Glacier.

You can go up the ice of the Briksdal glacier with a guide. You get special crampons, also called crampons, so that you have a lot of grip on the glacier. So make sure you have sturdy shoes on, so that the crampons are securely fastened. The guide knows the way and chooses a safe route. Do follow in his footsteps so you don't fall into a crevasse.

Accommodations at Briksdal Glacier

This part of Norway is rugged and popular with the Norwegians themselves. It is smart to sleep nearby. There are several locations to stay. Think of small hotels, cozy bed & breakfasts and apartments.

Hiking to the Briksdal Glacier

This place is easy to get to, but not very popular. The town of Briksdalbreen is at the end of the road, from where you have to continue on foot.

It’s a long walk to the glacier’s tongue, but the view makes all the effort worthwhile. And you are allowed to walk on the ice. You will also see the river that starts here. As well as the battle of trees and plants, trying to survive.

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