Trolltunga is a remarkable rock formation sticks almost horizontally out of the rocks. You can walk to the edge of the rock and take a peek at the fiord far below. People like to take a photo from a distance with only one or a few people on the ‘tongue’, with a the amazing view behind them.

How do I get there?

Trolltunga is around 350 metres above the Ringedalsvannet, near the Tyssedal in the Odda region. From Odda you have to go to Skjeggedal via Tyssedal. There is a track signposted with the letter T, which starts at the Mågelibanen, the former gondola station. It’s a fairly steep climb to the top.

From the top it’s another 3 hours before you get to Trolltunga, so it will take you between eight and ten hours in total (there and back).

There are huts in the area you can book through the Norwegian Trekking Association, and you can pitch a tent somewhere along the route (do check where camping is allowed). Camping along the way is a good idea because it means you can see the ‘Troll’s Tongue’ at sunrise or sunset.

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