Hurtigruten: Cruise the Norwegian Fjords

The Most Beautiful Boat Trip in the World

The Hurtigruten is an old converted postal boat that travels daily through the famous fjords of Norway. It's the great way to experience the greatness of the Norwegian Fjords. You can hop on for a day, or longer, whatever you want.

It’s understandable that a cruise through the Norwegian Fjords is referred to as the world’s most beautiful sea voyage. The cruise ships often have various decks. Perfect to catch a breath of fresh air, while inside it is nice to have a cup of coffee. 

The luxury ferry is equipped with a jacuzzi on deck, a panorama deck and several restaurants. It doesn’t matter if your on a long cruise or on a short trip, you can spend the night and wake up with a stunning view.

But if you go by car to the Norwegian Fjords, you are still at a distance from the water. An alternative is the Hurtigruten, an old converted postal ferry. You can go with your car on the boat, an overnight stay is also possible. In that case, you can see the sunset over the Fjords. And the sunrise…

Hurtigruten and the Northern Lights

Hurtigruten met het Noorderlicht.

You can also make the trip in winter. Partly for this reason, there is a Northern Lights alarm on the Hurtigruten. As soon as the Northern Lights appear in the sky, an announcer does its job in several languages. Even in the middle of the night. And you are out on the deck in a few minutes. While the dancing curtains reveal themselves.

There is also a Northern Lights-alert. As soon as this phenomenon is noticed, it will be announced in multiple languages. Also if it occurs in the middle of the night.

Midsummer Night

In the summer a different phenomenon can be seen; the Midsummer Night. In June it is light 24 hours a day in the northern part of Norway. So you can sit on the deck in the middle of the night. Also in May and July the days are extremely long and the soft sunlight is nice for photos.

Stops of the Hurtigruten

The Hurtigruten has 34 different stops along the route. Usually a small village, nothing more than a couple of coloured houses together. You can get off at each stop and explore the town, do some shopping or go for a hike. 

And easily get on the next boat the day after, or the day after that, or drive a little and get on at the next stop. 


The city of Bergen.

It is the starting point for the Hurtigruten. Bergen is located by the sea and is surrounded by seven mountains. Almost 10% of Bergen residents are students, which makes the city feel cozy and student-friendly. It's a great start for exploring the Norwegian Fjords.

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Old wooden houses in Stavanger. ©Corno van den Berg

Stavanger is ideal to visit, for example, the famous Lysefjord (with the Preikestolen and Kjerag). But according to experts, this city has the best food in Norway. And much more.

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The city of Ålesund. ©Corno van den Berg

Ålesund calls itself the adventure capital of the fjords. You can kayak, hike, take a coastal zodiac safari and more. And, Ålesund is very close to the famous Geirangerfjord. The city itself is also very worthwhile.

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The Lofoten

Hiking on the Lofoten.

The Lofoten are repeatedly voted one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Lofoten finished in third place at National Geographic, among others. And when you walk here you will quickly understand why.

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The North Cape

The North Cape.

The North Cape is the most northern part of the European continent. A rugged landscape with plains, forests, the Sami, reindeer and of course the fjords.

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The Route of the Hurtigruten

The route of the Hurtigruten.

The route goes from the city of Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north. It stops at many interesting places, so take your time.

The Hurtigruten on ti's way. ©Corno van den Berg

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