Kayaker Encounters Whales and Orcas

A kayaker had the encounter of his life. Morten Bjørkmann was kayaking near Tromsø in Norway and had a GoPro mounted on his kayak. He knows the area well and knows that many animals live here. Including orcas, dolphins and many whales, who like to hunt for herring here.

While on open water he suddenly heard something behind him. Three whales come out of the water at once to hunt for fish. And they get very close to Morten. The humpback whales stay close by. One even swims very close to his kayak for a few seconds.

He turns his kayak and suddenly sees several killer whales swimming by. These animals are also hunting. While in the background you can see the mountains of Norway and watch the sun go down. Intriguing footage.

Watch the Video of the Kayaker and the Three Whales: