40-Tonne Whale Jumps Completely Out of the Water

A group of divers in South Africa was surprised on their trip in a rubber boat by a whale that jumped completely out of the water. One of them filmed the animal and posted the amazing footage on YouTube. The video was shot in Pondoland in the Eastern Cape (Eastern Cape province). This is a wonderfully rugged area that is skipped by most tourists.

The Famous Sardine Run

The unique incident happened during the famous Sardine Run. This is the annual sardine migration off the coast of South Africa. The animals then gather to mate. Which always attracts many whales. These are mainly humpback whales. Read my article on the best places to see a humpback whale.

You also have the chance to see countless dolphins, sharks and many birds. And often from very up close. Something you can also see well in the video. You literally see whales jumping out of the water everywhere. But also various whales curiously coming out of the water to take a look at the boat.

Witness Yourself?

I also experienced the Sardine Run and I was amazed. What a natural spectacle that is, with dozens of wild animals around you. Would you like to know more about this annual event? Read my tips about the Sardine Run.

Watch the Unique Footage: