Ujung Kulon National Park

Only place to find the almost extinct Javan rhinoceros

Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia takes up about 123.000 hectares, 78.619 of that is land, the rest is sea. The park is home to numerous animals.

The relatively unknown Ujung Kulon National Park is a huge nature reserve in the far west of Java. It is home to many native animals such as the Javan rhino.

Rarest rhino in the world

There are five kinds of rhinos in the world: the white and black rhino who live in Africa, and the Indian, Javan and Sumatran rhinos who live in Asia.

The rare Javan rhino can only be found in this huge nature reserve these days. But poaching and the reduction of habitat has brought this animal to the brink of extinction. Luckily several nature organisations try to the help the population of rhinos. With some succes.

UNESCO World Heritage List

Since 1991, the park has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The park also includes the surrounding islands and the famous Krakatau volcano.

Krakatau volcano

It’s largely thanks to that volcano that the Javanese rhino has survived. An eruption in 1883 caused a huge tsunami that practically killed all the people in the region. The area became uninhabited after that, creating a perfect habitat for the shy rhino and other wildlife.

Visiting Ujung Kulon National Park

There are several walking trails in the park, and you can even camp in the jungle. As it is a protected area, you can only do so with a guide.

Don’t expect to see the rhinos in the wild, they are extremely shy. But your entry fee into the park will be used to protect these animals. You will be able to spot different kinds of deer and monkeys out there, as well as wild boars and hornbills.