Local name: Gunung Bromo

The world-famous Mount Bromo is one of five volcanoes in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Do note that the Bromo, as it’s lovingly called, is not the highest with its 2.392 metres, but it is the most accessible and most well-know.

The five volcanoes in this part of Indonesia are in the middle of a sand plain that is known as the ‘Sea of Sand’. There are many options for hikes here to explore the area.

It’s been a popular spot for many years to watch the sun rise from Mount Bromo, so be aware that you won’t be the only one. It can get especially busy in July and August, but even the weekends can be busy with locals making the climb.

A good option is to watch the sun set instead, which will also offer great photos, but there will be less people. You can also opt to climb up during the day the explore around the crater, where you’ll see dangers gasses come up from the bottom…

More information: www.indonesia.travel/en/destination/point-of-interest/mount-bromo