Local name: Taman Nasional Bunaken, Full name: Bunaken Manado Tua Marine National Park

North of Sulawesi you will find a most amazing diving paradise on earth: Bunaken National Park, a maritime park founded in 1991. It’s made up of 90 per cent water and has only 6 islands that are surrounded by one of the most diverse coral reefs of Indonesia.

The island Bunaken is the largest and this is where most of the accommodation and restaurants are. Despite its popularity with tourists, it’s not very busy.

Een wonderlijke naaktslak.
A snail. Mindmaker

The water in the park is very deep around 1.550 meter, and visibility can be up to 40 meters. The warm water makes it a great place for diving, and the diverse marine life is amazing. There are around 300 kinds of coral, and 3000 kinds of fish, as well as turtles, so plenty to see under water.

The islands themselves are also worth a visit, where you can take walks among mangroves and rain forests, where you could encounter monkeys and other wildlife. It’s also a great place to discover by kayak.

Unfortunately, dynamite fishing (amongst other things) has done some damage to the area, so this spot has yet to make the UNESCO World Heritage List, but thanks to many initiatives to prevent further damage, the park has now been short-listed.

More information: www.bunaken.co.id

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