Greenland, locally known as Kalaallit Nunaat and part of Denmark, is incredibly raw, rugged and impressive. A tour of the island is an adventure with a capital A. Those who like adventure travel should visit this immense island. Where you will encounter glaciers, fjords, huskies and locals.

The wildlife of Greenland

The wildlife you’ll find here is amongst others the polar bear, reindeer and musk ox. But also countless whales and dolphins, including the killer whale and the Greenland whale. But also other sea animals like seals live here.

The best things to do in Greenland:

When visiting Greenland it is best to explore the island through several tours or excursions.

Cruise along the coast of Greenland

A multi-day cruise is a classic way to experience the immense island. There are several options. They vary in length, but also in the route. The west coast is by far the most popular, with attractions such as Ilulissat Ice Fjord and Disko Bay. Take your time, because the distances are often large. So make sure the time you get to land is not too short.

Kayak through Scoresby Sound

Scoresby Sound is a large fjord, which can be found on the eastern coast. It has a tree-like structure and it is one of the largest and longest fjords in the world. It is great to explore the fjord by kayak and see the immense mountain walls in full glory. You feel very insignificant between all this natural violence.

Along the way, you may encounter seals and perhaps a polar bear. In the water, you can see various icebergs. Logically, it depends on the weather whether the tour is possible. But if the weather is fine, be amazed…

Walk on ice

When you go hiking in Greenland, you should actually also try a route on ice. As the ice can be life-threatening it is recommended to go with a guide. For example, cracks of miles deep can be filled with snow.

You can get on the ice in countless places in the west and east. And even go camping on or next to it. This gives an extra dimension as you can see the sun go down and rise again … Or at least see the nightfall. There are several ways to get to the ice. You can travel by boat or off-road vehicle. Or on foot, of course.

Learn about the history of the Inuit

Inuit-children in Greenland.
Inuit-children in Greenland. Mads Pihl

Greenland has been inhabited for thousands of years. The predecessors of the Inuit moved to Greenland from Canada. You can get acquainted with their culture in various museums in Greenland. The largest collection is located in Nuuk (in the western part) in the National Museum. Here you will learn everything about their lifestyle and the smart ways to survive under extreme conditions. The museum is actually ‘a must’ to understand the Inuit.

Jump into a hot spring

You can enjoy hot springs in various places in Greenland. Incidentally, the water is not heated by volcanic activity under the earth’s crust, such as in Iceland, but simply because earth plates slide past each other and provide heat. You can visit Uunartoq (in the south), but also Kap Tobin in the east. Kap Tobin is the hottest place in all of Greenland and you can cool the water by throwing snow in it…

Hike the rugged landscape

Many tourists plan to hike through the wilderness of Greenland. And rightly so, because it gives you a good idea of the primal forces that have shaped this landscape over the centuries. And you have time to look around at your leisure. You can go on your own from any village. And of course, you can go on a long trip with a guide. Always tell someone what you plan to do so that people know where you are…

Explore the island by helicopter

Greenland does not have many roads. Therefore, transport is often by boat. Or by helicopter. And whoever visits Greenland must have actually done both. So that you can see the landscape both from the water surface and from the air. Only then do you understand how immense this island is. It is possible to book this excursion in various places, although you can also fly from one village to another. Try to get a seat next to the pilot…

Play ice golf

The ‘golf course’ does not consist of tightly cut grass, but of ice and snow. And the ball is bright red; simply not to let it get lost. These are some of the characteristics of ice golf, a unique sport that can be practiced here in the spring. In fact, there is a real international tournament.

9 holes are created annually on the ice, which are different every year. where both strength and technique are involved. Those who love golf should try this out. And see if his technique can survive on the sometimes slippery, sometimes stiff ice.

Search for the musk ox

Kangerlussuaq in the west is the only place from which you can search for musk oxen relatively easily. You will be driven to the animals in a jeep or bus. And you can see them eating quietly, frolicking or even fighting.

But it is much more inspiring to go for a walk yourself. Then you will come across these impressive animals (with a little luck).

Go on a multiple week-trekking

Those who like a hiking challenge can find many in Greenland. You can take all kinds of longer treks. They run along the coast, but where you also have to overcome height differences and part of it on the ice. Good preparation is essential, just like a good guide. Because it can get really ghosts and extremely cold here.

Free of ice

Only a part of the coast of Greenland in summer is free of ice, and it’s in this part of this large island that its less than 60.000 inhabitants live. The towns are remarkably colourful, resulting in beautiful scenes; such as bright blue icebergs that float past green and red houses.

Greenland is incredibly rugged, partly inaccessible and very impressive. Traveling across this island is an adventure with a capital A. The south is perfect for walking. The island is officially part of Danish territory, but it is autonomous.

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