Saxon Switzerland National Park in Germany: 10 Tips

Saxon Switzerland National Park

A great area for walking and climbing, full of forests and sandstone rock formations

Saxon Switzerland National Park in Germany is very popular with walkers and climbers. It’s a rugged area with dense forests and amazing sandstone rock formations. Like the famous Bastei Bridge.

It’s only been a national park since 1990, and it’s about 9350 hectares big. It’s located east of Dresden and reaches to the Czech border.

The ruggedness of Saxon Switzerland National Park

This is a rugged area full of forests and wonderful sandstone cliffs. The park has only been a national park since 1990 and is approximately 9,350 hectares.

Saxon Switzerland National Park was recently created. The park was not established until 1990. The nature reserve is located in the east of Germany. It is located in the state of Saxony, near the city of Dresden. So you can combine a visit to the city and nature well.

The nature park is located against the Bohemian Switzerland National Park in the Czech Republic. Where you can even walk across the border. This way you can enjoy both nature reserves. It is located to the east of Dresden.

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