Bastei Bridge

Beautiful Rock Formation Close to the Elbe River

The Bastei Bridge in Germany is more than 200 years old. The bridge is very popular with photographers and hikers. It is a very photogenic place and well worth the hike.

The famous bridge is located in the Saxon Switzerland National Park. This rock formation has a height of 305 meters. The absolute must-see highlight is the bridge to a viewpoint.

It is especially beautiful in the morning and evening. Although it is actually always beautiful. Even with rain.

The Bastei Bridge has been an attraction for more than 200 years. In 1824 a wooden bridge was built to connect the various rocks. The reward is a stunning view over the Elbe River.

Hike to the Bastei Bridge

You can easily hike to the Bastei Bridge. You start at the town of Rathewalde where you will find a parking space on the Schulweg. Here are both paid and free places to park (more in the back).

The path to the stone bridge is not difficult, but can get busy. Which makes the experience a bit less, I noticed. It is best to go very early in the day.

Bastei Bridge and Social Media

Mist at the Bastei Bridge in the morning.

You may know the photos from social media. A striking stone bridge rises above the landscape. When you visit Bastei your view is as far as your eye can see.

When you see it for yourself you'll understand why the Bastei Bridge is so famous. And you too will want to take pictures of this extraordinary place.

As you walk on the Bastei Bridge, you look out on the right bank of the Elbe River. Which is about 194 meters lower. 

The View from the Bastei Bridge

When you walk on the Bastei Bridge, you look out on the right bank of the Elbe. That is about 194 meters lower. Especially in the early morning, it is often beautiful with the first daylight. And relatively quiet, as this is a popular spot.

Accommodations around Saxon Switzerland National Park

The park is big enough to stay for several days. You have a great choice of small hotels, hostels and nice Bed & Breakfasts. You can also rent handy holiday homes for a few days or a week.

Sunset at the Bastei Bridge

The best time of the day is sunrise. It won't be too busy yet (although you are rarely alone). The rising sun is magically beautiful. And perfect for taking pictures. Although this always works out, even with many people and rain.

Best Time to Visit the Bastei Bridge

Snow on the Bastei Bridge.

You can visit Bastei Bridge all year round. However, it can be a bit slippery after the rain. With some luck, you will have winter snow, making it even more beautiful. So keep an eye on the weather forecast, it's really worth it.

Visit from Dresden

This landmark is located 42 kilometres from the city of Dresden. If you go on a city trip, you can also easily visit the Bastei bridge. The ride takes about an hour, one way.

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