Geierlay Suspension Bridge

One of the Longest Suspension Bridges in Germany

The Geierlay in Germany is a pedestrian bridge that spans 360 metres between the hills of the Hunsrück mountains. This bridge was built in 2015 in Germany and it has become very popular since then. You walk this bridge about 100 metres above the ground.

Until 2017 it was the longest pedestrian bridge in Germany. Then the Titan TR opened in the Harz Mountains. This bridge is 483 meters long, more than a hundred meters longer than the Geierlay.

But many people find the location of the Geierlay more beautiful, because it lies in the middle of nature. You can walk on it for free. The mornings are especially beautiful. With the light that is often quite soft and very good for photos.

Hiking to the Geierlay

The path meanders through meadows and fields leading to a forest. Suddenly you see the bridge looming between the trees. You can cross the bridge and then continue walking, via an arch back to Mörsdorf. Many visitors however, return to the end of the bridge and walk straight back to the village.

There are also walking routes to nearby Sosberg, after which you can return by public transport. Or on foot of course. There are several campsites in the area where you can stay overnight, as well as a few small hotels and bed & breakfasts.

The Geierlay suspension bridge between the trees. ©Dominik Ketz

Best Time

You can visit the Geierlay Suspension Bridge all year, but many travellers recommend to go in spring when the trees are in bloom. Or in autumn when the leaves of the trees change colours. Winter can be pretty when there has been snowfall.

It can get busy in the summer. Weekends and school holidays are not ideal for a good experience of this popular bridge. It is best to visit during the week. And as early as possible in the day. In the morning you'll see fog between the trees, which gives your visit an extra experience. And this is also good for photos. Especially when it starts to disappear after a while.

Accommodations near Geierlay

I can recommend you spend the night nearby so you can visit Geierlay early in the morning. Or just at the end of the day, when everyone has left. I visited early in the morning and loved it. Mörsdorf is the nearest town, where you can find several bed & breakfasts and hotels.

Visit Geierlay

The Geierlay is located in the Hunsrück between the towns of Mörsdorf and Sosberg. It is easy to visit. Mörsdorf is the nearest and has several parking lots. These are paid and mostly full on busy days. There are various other parking places.

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