Titan RT

This suspension footbridge in the Harz Mountains is no less than 483 meters long

The Titan RT is a suspension footbridge in the Harz National Park. You can walk across the bridge, assuring a great view. And it can get wobbly. It is an adventure to walk across the bridge. Do you dare?

The Harz is popular amongst German hikers. It is a well-known low mountain range in Germany. Partly for this reason, this suspension bridge was built. Especially to attract more tourists to the region. The bridge opened in 2017 and was immediately popular amongst the hiking community. The Titan RT is Germany’s longest suspension bridge.

Titan RT: Germany’s longest suspension bridge

The goal was to build Germany’s longest suspension bridge. The bridge is 483 meters long, although the free span is only 458.5 meters. You could also say that you can wiggle along 450 meters as the bridge moves with motion.

Crossing the Titan RT in Germany.

Until the opening of the Titan RT, the Geierlay Suspension bridge was the longest suspension bridge. You find this bridge in Hunsrück and it has a length of 360 meters. Also worth a visit.

The Titan RT hangs parallel to the large dam of the Rappbo Valley. Which in my opinion is a shame as our view is now limited on one side by the dam. Which means that the grand feeling is somewhat gone. Also cars drive over the dam too, which is somewhat disruptive. And you can walk across the dam, so the bridge actually has no function.

On the other side, you do look far into the valley. And the feeling of walking across such a bridge is special. Especially when the wind blows…

The Titan RT is the longest suspension bridge in Germany.

Best time for photography

The dam does have an advantage. From the dam, you can take good pictures of people crossing the Titan RT. With a view of the valley in the background. And if you don’t dare to cross the suspension bridge, you can have a good look at the bridge.

Many photographers take pictures early in the morning. Early morning you have a chance of low-hanging fog in the valley. And the sunlight is still soft. But the evening is often also perfect for photos. The sunset is a wonderful time to be here.

Visiting Titan RT

The Titan RT is located south of the towns of Hüttenrode and Wernigerode in the Harz Mountains. Both villages are also perfect for excursions in the mountains.

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