Pergamon Museum

One of the most famous and important museums of Berlin

The Pergamon Museum is definitely worth a visit in Berlin. it is one of the most important museums in Germany. It houses countless special pieces from all over the world. A visit is a unique trip around the world.

It is one of the most famous and important museums of Berlin, though it does have some controversy attached. 

Controversy on Pergamon

In 1879, the German Government decided to transport an ornately decorated altar from a town called Pergamon in Turkey, to Germany. The altar is huge, it’s 35.64 metres wide, 33.4 metres deep, and the stairway alone is almost 20 metres wide.

It is richly decorated with ornate friezes, depicting giants battling the Olympian gods on the lower friezes, and the life of Telephus on the friezes at the top of the stairs.

In 1910, Alfred van Messel and Luwig Hofflan designed a new museum to house the altar when it became clear the initial museum wasn’t large enough.

Visiting Pergamon Museum

The museum is at the Bodestraße near Unter den Linden.

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