City of love and so much more

Paris is the City of Love. This lovely city has a huge appeal to travellers. With so much to see and to do. Be the tourist and visit the many attractions. Or just wander the streets, drink a French coffee, hangout in a park and take in Parisian daily life.

Paris has numerous nicknames, but the ‘city of love’ is the most appealing one. The city has a tumultuous past, which is evident everywhere, both above ground as well as underground.

These are the best things to see and do in Paris. Including the best tours and excursions for your visit.

Cycling in Paris

The Parisian city council has decided that Parisians and tourists should get onto a bike when traveling through town. So in many locations around the city you can simply rent a bike for a couple of euros. Cycling through Paris is something else, for sure. 

It certainly saves a lot of time as compared to going by car. Most bookstores and the local tourist information offices will provide bicycle routes that take you to tourist attractions. At the tourist information offices you can also book guided tours.

Best time to go to Paris

The Paris spring is famous, because it is sunny, yet not too warm. There also are a lot less tourists than in summer. Autumn is also a good time in terms of temperature and tourist crowds. Summer here is really busy and expensive. And keep into account that there will be long waiting lines for the most important sites.

Almost all sites are within the Boulevard Périphérique (the orbital road) and the subway will quickly take you just about anywhere. And in many times the metro is the fastest way to travel around.

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