Ice-skating at the Eiffel Tower

Most unique ice skating location in the world?

In Winter time, you can go ice skating on the 10th floor of the Eiffel Tower. A magnificent experience, especially when you go at night and the city lights are on.

Stopped in 2018

You could skate on the Eiffel Tower every winter since 2016. But since the beginning of 2018 it was suddenly reported that it is no longer possible. A reason was not given. It is a pity, because more and more tourists as well as local residents came here to skate.

Whether the ice rink on the Eiffel Tower will ever open again is unknown. If it ever opens again, you can read it here on

The track was not big, but the view (and the feeling) were extra special. Because yes, skating on one of the greatest icons on the planet. I wish I had done it at the time.

Another famous, much larger skate rink, is the skating rink in front of the prestigious Hôtel de Ville, the Paris Town Hall.

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