One of the most popular tours in this area is camping out in the wondrous world that is the White Desert. The tours are usually planned that you’ll first spend time exploring the desert with its strange and unique landscapes, and then the camp is set up.

The 4WD is parked so that it’s easy to set up a tent around it to protect you from the wind, but you can also choose to sleep under the stars or in a tent. Everything is organised including mats, sleeping bags and pillows, as well as the food and of course glorious sunshine.

The White Desert (and its lesser-known cousin the Black Desert) have no roads or developments, so you can enjoy a night sky with no light pollution whatsoever. It’s easy to spot the Milky way, or other constellations and planets.

Keep an eye out for shooting starts and satellites. The stars give off so much light that even without the moon you can see the contours of your surroundings. So sit back, cast your eyes up and enjoy.

You can head out into the White Desert, the best place for this experience, from both Bahiraya and Farafra.