Valley of the Queens

Less famous than the Valley of the Kings, but just as intriguing

The Valley of the Queens is, just like the Valley of the Kings, a burial site for royalty of the New Kingdom in ancient Egypt. It’s located south-west of the Valley of the Kings and Luxor, and contains mostly tombs of queens and royal children.

As the name implies, the Valley of the Queens in the burial site of several queens, but also the site of tombs of royal children and nobles. One of the tombs belongs to Nefertari, one of the 40 wives of Ramesses the Great (II). 

According to many, it has the most elaborate and beautiful wall paintings of all of Egypt, and depicts the pharaoh’s declarations of love to his favourite wife. Make sure you check in advance which tombs are open to visit, to avoid disappointment.

Some of the highlights

  • Nefertari (nr. 66)
  • Prince Seth-her-khopsef (nr. 43)
  • Prince Khaemwaset (nr. 44)
  • Queen Tyti (nr. 52)
  • Amun-her-khepeshef (nr. 55)

Tombe of Nefertari

The colourful Tombe of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens.

The tomb of Nefertari is het major highlight. Nefertari was one of the 40 wives of Ramses II. According to many, the tomb has the most beautiful murals in all of Egypt. It shows Pharaoh's painted declaration of love to his favourite wife.

Queen Nefertari’s tomb has the most beautiful wall paintings, which are perfectly preserved so it gives a great idea of how the ancient Egyptians sent their deceased to the underworld.

It is a great example of how Egyptian art was flourishing and reaching its peak, and includes many depictions of daily life, but also includes images of animals and gods. If you’re interested in the story behind these paintings, you can spend hours here.

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