Local name: Deir el-Bahri

The Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut is located at Deir el-Bahri, where several tombs have been found. Hatshepsut was one of the very few female pharaohs in ancient Egypt, and she was a member of the 18th dynasty. Her temple has a remarkable number of hieroglyphs referencing the Land of Punt.

It’s still a mystery where this land is actually located. The site is also home to the temple of Thutmose III. The Land of Punt is one of the ancient Egyptians’ mysteries, this land (or area?) is mentioned several times in travel histories and religious texts from ancient Egypt, including in the temple of Hatshepsut.

The glyphs referencing the Land of Punt are located the south-west corner of the first portal of her temple. Can you figure out where this mystery land is? You can also ask one of the guards here, who will know more information. Do note that a small tip is expected for this service.

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