American Black Bear

Curious, but very dangerous animal

The black bear is high on the wish list of many tourists. And, to be fair, you have a pretty good chance of seeing them. Especially if you go out early in the morning and in the afternoon.

Difference between black bear and brown bear

The American black bear is a lot smaller than its brown brother. And, logically mostly black in color. Usually yes, because there are brown black bears too.

This species is often seen in the forests. And near people, such as campgrounds, suburbs and garbage places. This is the only species in the world that is growing in numbers. The reason; he adapts to man.

Where do black bears life?

You can come across an American black bear in many national parks of the United States and Canada. You need some luck. Although many black bears are not afraid of people (anymore).

Used to humans

Which also regularly causes problems. Then the animals must be stunned and released back into the wilderness. If that doesn’t help, they’ll be killed. Never feed these animals. You actually seal his death with that. The Latin name of the black bear is ursus americanus.

Best places to see an American black bear