Must-do! tips:
Visit the Sunwapta Falls
In Jasper National Park you can go to Sunwapta Falls, which means ‘falling streaming water.’ At all the waterfalls, you will be able to see what the original inhabitants saw first. Long before the white man arrived.
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Go hiking
The Athabasca mountain pass in Jasper National Park became famous because of the many fur hunters that used it. Two hundred years ago it was a very challenging and difficult to access path. Nowadays, a road runs through it.

But if you like going for long walks, you can go on a multiple-day trek to the pass. It’s a 49-kilometer hike, one way. Backpacking in the park requires a license, which you can get at the visitors center.

See the hummingbirds
Summer, from May to August, is the best time to see hummingbirds in this area. You will see some of the most extraordinary types. In the most vibrant colours. And a very interesting life cycle. Several hummingbirds migrate from Mexico to Canada every year to spend the summer. If you pay close attention to brushes in bloom, you will see them shoot past and sometimes they will hang suspended in mid-air for a moment.

The two species of hummingbirds seen most are the ruby-throated hummingbird and the rufous hummingbird, but there are others that are spotted as well. Some restaurants have so-called feeders, containing a sweet liquid the birds can drink.

Camp out in the wild
If you love to camp, Banff, Jasper and Yoho National Park offer you many opportunities to do so. It is a great way to discover the area. First go hiking, then set up your tent, watch the sun go down, go to sleep and witness the first light rising over the mountains. Make sure you are well-prepared and always make sure somebody knows what you are planning to do. Consider that there are wild black bears here, which will regularly show up around tents.

Climb up a frozen waterfall
Most waterfalls in Banff, Jasper and Yoho will freeze in winter. This enables an extraordinary sport. With special crampons and pick axes (and warm clothes) you can climb up this ice mass. Secured by a line, you will be completely safe, but you may get out of breath. Waterfall ice climbing, as it is officially called, is a very hard sport. But the feeling you will have once you have reached the top is not one you are likely to forget.