Jasper National Park

The ultimate Canadian wilderness, with remarkable wildlife

Jasper National Park is located in western Canada. Many believe this is the Rocky Mountains at their best; rough, wild and different every time. You have a great chance of spotting animals both on foot and by car. And all this in a particularly beautiful landscape.

This nature reserve is easy to visit. Most attractions are easily accessible via the roads in and around the park. Some highlights can only be reached on foot. Take your time for Jasper National Park; three days, two nights is the minimum. Then you will really enjoy it to the fullest.

Jasper National Park is magically beautiful. This is Canada in all its glory. Where you can walk along waterfalls, hot springs and glaciers.

Hiking in Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park has numerous hiking trails. From a few hundred meters to several days. It is best to go to a visitor center. There you will get the most recent information about the various hiking trails.

In addition, excursions with rangers are organised. Where you go for a walk with a guide. These are usually not very long walks. Along the way you will reflect on the nature around you.

The Athabasca mountain pass in Jasper National Park became famous because of the many fur hunters that used it. Two hundred years ago it was a very challenging and difficult to access path. Nowadays, a road runs through it. 

But if you like going for long walks, you can go on a multiple-day trek to the pass. It’s a 49-kilometer hike, one way. Backpacking in the park requires a license, which you can get at the visitors center.

Wildlife of Jasper National Park

A black bear in Jasper National Park.

And, at the visitor center, they also know where you have the best chance of seeing animals. Keep in mind the dangerous animals that live in the park. Make sure you know what to do if you come across these. It is certain that you have the best chance early in the morning. So get out on time. This way you are ahead of many other tourists. Making your experience optimal.

You are guaranteed to encounter wild animals on your trip. Think of predators such as grizzly bear and black bear. Both are regularly seen. But the wolf also roams this park, just like the coyote and the cougar. Although these animals are rarely spotted in Jasper.

You also have a reasonable chance of the bighorn sheep and the mountain goat. Various types of deer are found in large numbers. If you go hiking, you have a good chance of seeing the roguish North American flute bait or the Columbian ground squirrel.

Attractions of Jasper National Park