Nice wooded low mountains to get out into nature

The Ardennes are a low mountain range, perfect for relaxing or actually being really active on foot or by bike. Its most famous towns are Spa, Verviers, Chimay, Bastenaken, Neufchâteau en Malmedy in Belgium.

The Belgian Ardennes make up most of the Ardennes. This huge area is located in the south of Belgium. The Ardennes are called a middle mountain range, due to its limited height. The highest point is the Signal of Botrange in the High Fens with 694 meters.

There is also a small part in the north of Luxembourg and a small part adjacent to France. The latter are called the French Ardennes, but the Belgian Ardennes are bigger. And therefore more popular with nature loving people. These are the best highlights of the Belgian Ardennes.


Het stadje Spa bezoeken met alle bezienswaardigheden. ©Corno van den Berg

The town of Spa in the Belgian Ardennes is famous as an ancient spa wellness town. Nowadays it is mainly a wonderful place to discover various springs, as well as taste the mineral-rich water. You will find six springs here, a large part of which is in the forest surrounding Spa. You can easily visit them on foot, by bike or by car.

Coo Waterfall

The Coo Waterfall is the main highlight of the Belgian Ardennes.

The Coo Waterfall, or Cascades de Coo, are one of the best known waterfalls in Belgium. They're 50 feet high. The most well-known water source which flows over the Coo Waterfalls is from the Amblève River. Not everyone knows that these waterfalls were man-made by monks. These monks of Stavelot Abbey wanted to give more space to the rough waters of the river and created the falls. For many visitors, the Coo Waterfalls are one of the main attractions of the Belgian Ardennes. Opposite the waterfall you will find the amusement park Plopsa Coo.

Caves of Han

The Caves of Han.

The Caves of Han is a system of caves in Han-sur-Lesse. They are formed by the Lesse river and are one of the largest cave complexes in Europe. The Caves of Han are the first UNESCO Global Geopark in Belgium. You will also find the PrehistoHan museum here, where you will receive information about the origin of the caves. You can explore the caves. These caves are located on the transition from the Belgian Ardennes to the French Ardennes.

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Dolmens of the Ardennes

In Belgium they are called dolmen, although they are also called menhirs. These burial chambers of stones date from long gone times; about 3000-4000 BC. In the Ardennes you will find several dolmen. The most famous are Wéris megaliths, Menhir Danthine, Dolmen of Oppagne, Menhir of Heyd, Menhir of Ozo and Menhir de Morville. These dolmens can all be visited easily.

Reinhardstein Castle

The amazing Reinhardstein Castle.

Reinhardstein Castle was built in 1354 by Reinout van Weismes. You can take a tour of the castle, and visit the museum on the history. The castle can be used as a wedding venue as well. The castle is surrounded by forests, so you can have a nice walk in the surroundings.

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The town of Dinant is popular with tourists. This fortified town is accessible by cable car. Or with a staircase with no less than 408 steps. The Rock Bayard is straight are two standing rocks. You can drive between these two rocks.  They can also be seen from the water. 

The bell tower of the Collegiate Our Lady of Dinant has a pear shape. In the city you see a lot of saxophones. This is where the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax lived. In Mr. Sax's house, you get a lot of information about him and the instrument he invented.


The town of Durbuy.

Durbuy is a medieval town in the Belgian Ardennes. It has the smallest city centre in all of Belgium that you can easily discover on foot. It is one of the biggest attractions in this area. This town is perfect as a base for your visit to the Ardennes. In the vicinity you’ll find several dolmens as well.

Semois Valley

The Semois is a river that runs through the Belgian Ardennes. In the Semois Valley you can enjoy hiking. One of the most popular routes is from Bouillon to Dohan. This is no less than 60 kilometers,  of which a part of it can be explored by foot. A well-known viewpoint is Botassart. This where you can see how the river runs through the valley.

Bouillon Castle

The Castle of Bouillon towers over the town of Bouillon. It dates back to the 11th century, but was rebuilt several times. The view from the castle is beautiful. The castle is located at an altitude of 340 meters. From the walls you look out over the Semois River and the hilly landscape behind it.

Euro Space Center

The Euro Space Center opened in 1991 near the town of Transinne. This is where kids can imagine being astronauts. And see what a space traveller's life entails. You will find a Space Shuttle here to explore. There are special attractions about space.

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View of Rochehaut

The view from Rochehaut on Frahan.

The village of Rochehaut is known for its location. Rochehaut is located at a bend on the Lesse River. From the shore you can look out over the river and the village of Frahan. This is a popular place for photographers. This area shows how rugged the Ardennes can be.

Hiking in the Belgian Ardennes

Several rivers run through the Belgian Ardennes. These are wild and wind through the landscape. There are several hiking routes, where you largely follow the river.

The Hoëgne

The Hoëgne River in the Belgian Ardennes.

The Hoëgne is no less than 30 kilometers long. It is a tributary of the Vesder river. There a lovely hike through the Valley of the Hoëgne. There are several hiking routes: From 8 km to 21 km. One of the most beautiful places is the waterfall Léopold II with many rocks. The Pont de la Vecquée bridge is also worthwhile. The hiking trails are well signposted.

Le Ninglinspo

Le Ninglinspo is the only mountain river in Belgium. It is a tributary of the Amblève near Remouchamps. The decay of the river goes from 420 to 170 meters. It is about 3 kilometers long and you can walk along the shore. You will also find a waterfall of about ten meters: Waterfall of the Chaudière. One of the most beautiful places is Drouet, a vantage point at 315 meters altitude.

Kayaking in the Belgian Ardennes

Kayaking along the Ourthe

Kayaking on the Ourthe.

The many rivers in the Ardennes are perfect for kayaking. A kayak can be rented at various locations. One of the best places is on the Ourthe River, where you kayak past the beautiful town of La Roche-en-Ardenne. But there are more possibilities. Ask about it on the spot.

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