Bluebells flowering in Hallerbos

You can see a colourful spectacle of flowering bluebells in Belgium

The Hallerbos in Belgium gained world fame thanks to the flowering bluebells that turn the forest floor blue every year. You have to see it to believe it, and it makes for amazing pictures.

The Hallerbos (forest of Halle) near the town of Halle often goes viral on social media. When its bluebells bloom, it’s a sight to behold. The forest floor is blanketed in blue.

The forest is only 552 hectares in size and located to the south-east of Halle. It’s very accessible thanks to its many walking tracks, and there are three routes to follow.

Hiking in Hallerbos

Three walking routes have been mapped out. These are not long, but they are perfect for discovering the forest.

Hyacinth walks (4,8 km and 5,1 km)

There are two interesting marked walks to see the flowers. The 4.8 kilometer walk departs from Parking 1 on Hogebermweg. The 5.1 km Hyacinth Walks departs from Parking 8 at the Achtdreven.

A view of a hike in Hallerbos.

Achtdreven walk (1,8 km)

The start is also at Achtdreven. This path is also accessible for disabled people. You simply have to follow the white-black posts. You will also find benches and picnic tables. A wonderful path to start when you have just arrived in the forest.

Sequoia walk (4 km)

The popular Sequoia walk also starts at Achtdreven. For this walk you follow the blue posts. Special about this path are the deciduous trees, but also the coniferous trees. Which give the Hallerbos a completely different atmosphere.

Reebok hike (7 km)

The Reebok walk is also popular. The reason is simple. This shows most of the forest. And especially the diversity. You walk through three valleys, where the light falls differently every time.

About half of the walk is through blooming bluebells. You just have to follow the yellow posts. The start is at Jachtpaviljoen.

Which flowers grow in Hallerbos?

Various flowers grow in the forest, but the blue colour comes from wild hyacinths, also called bluebells. This spot is very photogenic, especially when the spring sun breaks through the clouds. Pictures taken against the sun (or partially) are very popular on Facebook and Instagram. Try it for yourself.

Best time for Hallerbos

The best time to visit the Haller Forest is late April/early May when the forest floor transforms into a blue sea of flowers. Try and avoid going on the weekend (or go very early in the morning), because it can get busy here.

Spend the night at the Hallerbos

I spent three days there, spending two nights in one of the villages around the forest. So I was on the road early in the morning. Just to be ahead of most visitors. The sunlight was also soft, making the experience extra special.

I spent three days in and around the forest, spending two nights in one of the villages nearby. So I was on the road early in the morning. So that I was ahead of most visitors. The sunlight was also soft, making the experience extra special.  

View the best accommodations around Hallerbos

My favourite is B&B Gusto 

Transport to Hallerbos

By car

It is possible to come by car, although it can be very busy. Parking spaces 1 and 11 are perfect for this. You will be helped on busy days by volunteers who will show you a parking space.

Special busses

It is very busy here during the flowering period. And is it smarter to come with the shuttle buses from the center of Halle.

By bike

The best way to discover the forest is by bicycle. There is a marked cycle route of 4.9 kilometers from the station to the Hallerbos. Which is easy to do. You can rent bicycles cheaply at the station. This way of transport gives you a lot of mobility and freedom.

Be aware!

Due to the attention on social media, this forest full of flowers can turn into a forest full of people. Which is a shame. Partly for this reason, more and more measures are being taken to regulate the flow of people. Think of ribbons and park rangers who have to prevent people from entering the forest.

Which happens regularly to make a nice photo. What many people do not know is that these flowers are remarkably delicate. If you step on them, they die. And so they will not come back next year. Which is a shame, right?

Therefore, try to avoid weekends as it can get busy here with hikers and photographers. Or go very early in the morning, which is a good time for photos. Especially when sunlight falls through the trees.

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