The Hallerbos (forest of Halle) near the town of Halle often goes viral on social media. When its bluebells bloom, it’s a sight to behold. The forest floor is blanketed in blue.

The forest is only 552 hectares in size and located to the south-east of Halle. It’s very accessible thanks to its many walking tracks, and there are three routes to follow.

This spot is very photogenic, especially when the spring sun breaks through the clouds. Pictures taken against the sun (or partially) are very popular on Facebook and Instagram. Try it for yourself.

Het Hallerbos is bloei.
The bluebells in the Hallerbos in bloom. Kenny de Boeck

Best time:

The best time to visit the Haller Forest is late April/early May when the forest floor transforms into a blue sea of flowers. Try and avoid going on the weekend (or go very early in the morning), because it can get busy here.

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