Flower Carpet of Brussels

Enormous Carpet of Flowers at the Grand Place

The Brussels Flower Carpet has become famous. Every two years an immense carpet of flowers is placed on the Grand Place with countless figures. And you can visit this festival in Belgium.

The Flower Festival is affectionately known as the Brussels Flower Carpet. Remarkably, this unique festival is not organised annually, but every two years. This is usually somewhere in August or September.

What is the Flower Carpet?

The Flower Carpet is a tradition that started in 1971. At that time, the first carpet of flowers was on display here on the Grand Place in Brussels. It has been there since 1986.

The immense flower carpet is around 77 by 24 metres in size and comprises around 1 million begonias. This colourful blanket of flowers is put together by around 120 volunteers in less than four hours!

The beauty of the Flower Carpet.

The colourful flower field is assembled by appr. 120 volunteers who install nearly 1 million begonias in less than eight hours. What an immense job. The drawings are made in advance, and the flowers must be placed exactly according to this pattern.

As you can imagine, this flower spectacle can get very busy. There are crush barriers to keep people away from the flowers. It is best to come early in the morning.

The end of the day is a magical moment. The lights are lit, the market takes on a completely different look. Ideal for photographers ...

If you want an exact date for the next Flower Carpet, check the official website for more information and dates.

More information: www.flowercarpet.be

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