The small Grand Duchy has a lot to offer

Luxemburg is only 2.586 km² in size, but it's great in diversity. It has a buzzing capital called Luxembourg City and there are many waterfalls, forests and hills you can explore on foot.

You’ll notice that the landscape in the east in particular is very hilly, so it’s no surprise that it’s known as Little Switzerland. The many forest call for you to put on your hiking boots and take a walk around.

Luxembourg City

Not many people know that the old town centre of Luxembourg City has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994. It has old defence structures that are still intact and ancient quarters that have not changed very much.

Müllerthal Trail

Other great areas for walking are Echternach and the Müllerthal (near the German border). One of the trails you can take is the 112-kilometre Müllerthal Trail, which takes you to all of the highlights of this area of Luxembourg.