Zambezi Sunset Cruise

Float along the mighty Zambezi river past hippos and Nile crocodiles

The best way to explore the Zambezi river is to take a Sunset Cruise. Along the way you can see hippos and Nile crocodiles, and of course the sunset. It’s nice and relaxing.

Yes, the Zambezi river might sound familiar to you thanks to its famous Victoria Falls, also known as the Vic Falls. But what happens to the water once it has fallen? You can find out on a popular excursion: a Zambezi cruise in Zimbabwe. For example at sunset.

Drinks are included on a Zambezi Sunset Cruise. ©Corno van den Berg

What does the Zambezi Sunset Cruise look like?

Sit back, relax and watch the landscape pass you by. The sun sets, it’s a great way to end a day full of ‘water play’ at the falls. See the hippos come out in the evening sun, as well as the (young) Nile crocodiles.

Do keep in mind that an angry hippo can be even more dangerous than the sharp little teeth of a crocodile. They might even show you how angry they can get. Before you know it they might get into a fight. Or at least show their wide-open mouths, with dangerous teeth…

A great spectacle to enjoy while the sun goes down, a Zambezi Sunset Cruise is perfect way to end the day.

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