See snow in the Grand Canyon

A unique Winter spectacle

See the Grand Canyon covered with snow. It is a unique phenomenon in winter: A snow shower in one of the most beautiful panoramas on earth. And you can experience it. Although you do need some luck. Or of course you travel there when it snows.

It does not occur every year and is very difficult to plan. But if you're in the United States in the winter, keep an eye on the news. And if you then hear about it; then absolutely go and have a look. It's more than worth it.

In most winters it hits the spot. It snows in the Grand Canyon in December, January or February. Sometimes just a day, then there is snow for a whole week. It is even possible in March, although this is rare. It is certain that it is therefore special.

Photos of Grand Canyon in snow

A lovely snow cover in the Grand Canyon.
Most of the rocks are covered in snow.
Grand Canyon in winter.

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When can I see snow in the Grand Canyon?

The time to witness the most exquisite spectacle in the Grand Canyon is Winter. When snow is falling, the scenery becomes fantastic. As there is relatively little snowfall, a bit of luck is required. The snow will reach only up to 10 centimeters here.

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