Kayak through the Everglades

Ultimate Way to Discover this Immense Swamp

Kayaking in the Everglades National Park is the best way to experience this nature park. You have to experience it for yourself. It is perhaps the most famous excursion in this world-renowned national park. Showing the park in optimal form.

Kayaking is part of the Everglades experience. There are several routes and you can rent a kayak for a few hours, as well as for a few days. This is possible both in Everglades National Park and the nearby Big Cypress.

Multi-Day Tours

You can organise multi-day tours yourself, but you can also do this with a park ranger. With the latter, you get an enormous amount of information about the animals and plants. A multi-day canoe or kayak tour takes you right through the park. This is the real adventure. 

Where you can spend the night in tents at rustic locations where Indians used to live. Far away from most other tourists.

This is what kayaking the Everglades look like. ©NPS

Also, you're most likely to encounter unique animals, such as the American crocodile. You must not confuse this rare reptile with an American alligator. Ask for information about these tours at the visitor centre. 

Pay attention to the various islands in Everglades NP on the way, where you can camp in an almost deserted place. Hire a canoe and pitch your tent. Make sure to ask about the mosquitoes and sand fleas, which are more prevalent on some islands than others. So keep an eye on this.

Day Trip Kayaking

You can also hire a canoe for a few hours and go exploring. Various routes have been set out. Do bear in mind the wind, after all, you also need to kayak back.

Take a detailed map with you. These are available at the visitor centre. Also, ask for the weather forecast. Make sure you have enough clothes with you. And mosquito repellent.

Where Can I Kayak in the Everglades?

You can paddle in Everglades National Park, and there are countless opportunities. But you can also do it in the nearby Big Cypress Nature Reserve, which is part of the larger Everglades basin. The latter is an immense wilderness area, but with different rules. There, you may encounter noisy All Terrain Vehicles, which are allowed in Big Cypress. 

More information: evergladesadventures.com

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