Havasu Falls

A Beautiful Waterfall in the Grand Canyon

Havasu Falls is a unique waterfall in the famous Grand Canyon. And you can visit it and swim in it, for example. This is one of the hidden gems of the United States.

This waterfall is also called Havasupai Falls, while Havasupai Indians call it Havasuw `Baaja. These waterfalls are located on the famous Havasupai Trail.

Havasupai Trail

The village can be reached on foot (13 kilometers) through the Havasupai Trail. If you want to continue to one of the campsites, you have to hike another 3 kilometers.

On the way you walk through various gorges, where it becomes very narrow in some places. Along the way you will also come across several streams and limestone terraces over which the water slowly flows. Take a good look around you, there are various types of animals living here. Including various types of deer, but also ibex and many birds.

The limestone terraces around Havasu Falls.

Swimming at Havasu Falls

You can swim in the water of Havasu Falls, it is very rich in minerals. What you also see in the striking blue color of the water. And yes it is magical to swim in a waterfall in an environment like this. What else do you want?

Hiking to Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is near the village Havasupai at the bottom of the Grand Canyon where the Supai (or Havasupai) live. The Supai charges an entree fee, which you can buy online. Also if you want to camp here. The advantage is that it will never get too crowded. The busiest time of day is around noon when most of the tourist are around. During the school holidays and weekends, it can be hard to buy an entrance ticket.

The best is to go camping so you can visit the waterfall early morning and dive in. It is also the best time to take pictures as the light falls beautifully in the gorge. 

How High are the Havasu Falls?

The waterfall is 37 meters high and never stops, although the course of the water changes regularly. In 1990, a lot of sand washed away around the waterfall due to a flood. A dam now ensures that the water continues to flow down over the rocks.

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