Listen to Fado in Lisbon

Portuguese Music from the Streets of Lisbon

Fado is very modest. Where music and the human voice meet in a raw, yet elegant way. A solo singer accompanied by a classical Portuguese guitar will sing mournful songs, making you feel the beating heart of the city.

Not everyone knows that it Fado is relatively young. It has only been around since 1820, although there are signs that it may be older. 

In Lisbon you can experience Fado in two ways. With a bit of luck you will see some musicians playing on the street. This is usually without a singer, so only music.

Nowadays you can only get a real Fado performance in various restaurants. Between the dishes, various singers and (with a bit of luck) also singers will perform. A performance without dinner is not easy for tourists to organise.

A Fado tour in Lisbon.

Portuguese Guitar

They are usually accompanied by the Portuguese guitar (with twelve strings) and a 'normal' guitar. The acoustics are often special, so that the sounds swirl through the building. The light is often dimmed, so that the music determines the atmosphere.

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