Belém Tower

A Tribute to the Voyages of Discovery of Vasco da Gama

The Belém Tower has become one of the main attractions of Lisbon. And rightly so, because the tower is still in very good condition and is in a unique location.

The imposing tower is an ode to the Portuguese Century, when Portugal was a leading sea nation. The tower dates from the early 16th century and is a tribute to the voyages of discovery of Vasco da Gama and the Portuguese Century. The Torre de Bélem, as it is officially called, is a fortified tower in the old Belém district of Lisbon.

Visiting the Tower of Belém in Lisbon.

Take Pictures at Belém Tower

If you want to take beautiful pictures of the tower, you should be here early in the morning. Or better yet, just before the sun goes down. Then the white stone of the tower takes on a red glow, just like the sky.

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