Curious Killer Whale Checks Man on Paddle Board

An orca (or killer whale) comes to visit very close a man who had just stepped on a paddle board (or SUP). The animal was curious and even tapped the board with its nose.

It happened in New Zealand. Paddleboarder Lukas Reilly sets out early in the day on wonderfully calm water for paddling. Until suddenly a killer whale appears. The animal first swims calmly behind the man. Then the animal swims comfortably under the SUP.

The animal is curious and taps the SUP with its snout. Lukas almost loses his balance, but he manages to keep standing. The animal slowly loses interest and runs off. Lukas filmed everything and uploaded it on YouTube. Which resulted in winning several awards for his unique encounter.

How would you respond?

The big question is how dangerous this situation was. Killer whales do not normally attack humans. But the SUP is black and white, which resembles a seal, the favorite meal of these animals. But killer whales are smart, according to many researchers. How would you react? Would you like to experience this or not?

Watch the intriguing video:

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