Funny: Young Elephant Shows Who is Boss

This is a great video! A safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa is streamed live on YouTube. The guide in a jeep meets a group of elephants who eat at their leisure. A youngster with a lot of bravado wants to show that he is not afraid and comes very close to the jeep. And clearly show that you are not impressed by the much larger jeep.

He throws his ears wide and flaps his mini trunk. The camera continues to rotate and shows how the elephant wants to impress the jeep and its passengers. They just have to laugh at the young animal. The images are very moving.

In the 10 minutes that the video lasts, the cub keeps coming back. While his mother walks on slowly. The guide knows that young elephants do this to each other to impress. Because with male elephants it is about the strongest. He thinks that this elephant could soon grow into a large, strong elephant that everyone respects. Only not just yet ...

Watch the video of the young elephant who wants to be in charge: