Cahill’s Crossing: The Most Dangerous Crossing in the World

Australia is home to many dangerous animals, while Australians are often jokingly referred to as daredevils. They live with the rough nature, the dangers and the often unfriendly climate. They often go out, with Cahill's Crossing being a challenge. In the video, you can see why.

Cahill's Crossing is located in the world-famous Kakadu National Park. This nature reserve is located in the north of Australia and is best known for the nature and art of the original inhabitants.

And among the Aussies, this place is known for Cahill's Crossing. You can take this fordable river with a 4WD car, but only in good conditions.

Occasional rain causes the water level to rise quickly. And the current can be too strong for your car which can mean you float into the river.

Deadly Crocodiles 

However, that's not your biggest problem. The river is home to the saltwater crocodile. These animals are not afraid of humans and can grow up to 4 meters in length. Sometimes there are as many as 30 crocodiles in the water around the bridge.

In fact, they regularly make victims among people. The animals are sometimes sunbathing on the road, so you can't pass them. So, would you dare to make this crossing?

Checkout this footage of Cahill's Crossing