The best handmade products from Ecuador with EcuaFina

Do you know the feeling? You see so many special souvenirs on your trip that you want to buy them all? I experience it regularly and recently had it in Ecuador. There, I met Rebecca Braak, the founder of the special store EcuaFina in the Netherlands. The name EcuaFina literally refers to the most beautiful (Fina) products from Ecuador (Ecua).

In her Travel Concept Store in Zutphen, she explains why she is so fond of the country. In the shop you can book a trip to Ecuador, but you can also buy numerous local products from Ecuador. Rebecca fell in love with the country after her first encounter with this country. "The people, the rich culture, and the handmade products, the country is so diverse." She collaborates with various weavers, craftsmen, and local artists she visited in the country.

Fair price for the local population

"We purchase these products fairly, so that we can ensure the makers have a stable income and can build a better life. This gives them security, and in return, we receive unique handmade products of high quality. When you purchase a product from EcuaFina, you not only support us, but also directly support the maker of the product. Many of our products are handmade, giving them a personal and unique appearance."

The idea for EcuaFina arose after Rebecca wanted to involve more people in this versatile country and its authentic products. This led to her own store and webshop. In January 2019, the Travel Concept Store opened its doors.

Handmade products from Ecuador

EcuaFina offers a range of local products, including indigenous plaids, ponchos, scarves, and sweaters made from soft alpaca wool. You will also find the famous Panama hats or 'sombreros de paja toquilla'. These are handcrafted from a special type of straw. "In addition, we offer handwoven colourful rugs, jewelry made from tagua nuts, hand-painted ceramics from Cuenca, and avocado oil."

I see several other products on display. You can also order many of them through the webshop. All products are made in a traditional way by the indigenous Quichua population, who live in the Andes and make a living from trading their homemade goods.

Traveling to Ecuador?

Rebecca's biggest passion is horse riding. In the beginning, she combined her love for horse riding with organizing certified horse riding tours for tourists in Ecuador. There was also demand for other activities to discover the South American country. This gave rise to Rebecca Adventure Travel, a travel agency for anyone who wants to travel to this country. They offer, among other things, the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon, as well as cities like Otavalo and Cuenca. I have done both: visited the country and taken beautiful souvenirs home as a memento.

During her various travels, she encountered many small communities that produce high-quality handmade products. This gave her the idea to make these products available worldwide through EcuaFina. The beating heart is the Travel Concept Store in Zutphen. In this physical store in the historic center of the Hanseatic city, you can not only book a trip to Ecuador with Rebecca Adventure Travel, but also discover all EcuaFina products. The colorful and vibrant Ecuadorian products give you a good impression of what this beautiful South American country has to offer.

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