Kayakers Rescue Young Moose from Drowning in Canada

A group of kayakers was exploring the lesser known Sheep river in Canada. All of a sudden they noticed some movement in the water. They did not hesitate and immediately got to the rescue.

The Sheep River is found in southwestern Alberta in western Canada. It is very popular for kayaking and other water sports. The river starts in the mountain valleys of the Elbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial Park. And continues through the Sheep River Provincial Park.

They suddenly saw an animal in the water. It turns out to be a young moose, one of the icons of Canadian wildlife. One of them immediately jumps into the water and calculates the approximate spot where the animal will float past.

With the help of his mate, he grabs the animal from the fast-flowing water and brings it to dry land. The young animal is tired and needs some time to recover.

Then they release it, as they hear the mother calling in the distance. There is a good chance that they will find each other again, according to experts. The young knows its mother's call and will probably call its mother too.

Watch the incredible video: