Largest deer species in North America and Europe

The moose is a welcome guest with hikers and nature lovers. These animals look a bit unwieldy, but can be incredibly fast, and elegant with their mighty antlers. You can find them in lots of places, although a little bit of luck is mostly needed.

The moose is a large deer. And it's the same species in the United States, Canada and in the northern part of Europe. Although it is sometimes called elk in Europe. With a bit of luck you will automatically encounter them when you travel around. They are most commonly seen in lakes. Or close to it.

How do you recognise a moose?

A moose looks different then, for example, a red deer. The males' immense antlers are most noticeable, especially in the autumn when it is fully grown. Their large mouth and nose are also striking. They mainly eat young branches of trees such as pine, but bark is also on the menu. That is why you can come across them while they are eating at their leisure.

Best time to see moose

Moose are shy animals. Most moose are seen in the early morning and late afternoon. So these are the best times to hit the road. Although they are also seen during the day.

But these animals are the same color as a tree trunk, and in a forest you can easily overlook a moose. Until they start to move. So drive calmly and always keep your eyes open. Because these animals tend to cross suddenly.

You can see lonely males walking through the woods. But also mothers with young. Who will defend their young if you get too close. The English name is moose, although each is sometimes mistakenly used. Which can cause confusion when you are on the road with a guide, for example. Its Latin name is alces alces.

You will not soon forget an encounter with a moose. First, because they are bigger than you think. Second, because you don't want to have an accident with these animals. Be careful though. A collision with a moose causes a lot of damage. Both for the animal and your car.

Best places to see a moose