Elephant Harasses Reporter with Trunk

Reporter Alvin Kaunda works at the national Kenya Broadcast Company in Kenya. He was visiting a local orphanage for young elephants last week. The reporter visited the shelter for a short documentary about elephants who have been orphaned for whatever reason. It is about the African elephant, these imposing animals are still poached for their ivory.

Alvin wants to tell the story of these animals in front of the camera, standing in front of the animals. But this soon turns out to be more difficult than expected. He starts his story for the animals, about their ups and downs and why help is needed. But the young animals are very curious.

Curious Youngsters

Soon one comes to stand next to him, which he can keep a little under control. But another young elephant starts smelling him with her trunk. To then go through the back of his head to his face. Alvin doesn't budge and keeps talking quietly in the meantime.

Although you can see that it is difficult. The elephant continues to feel and ends up at his face. The reporter can tell his story for a while, but then he bursts out laughing. He clearly enjoys it. These are wonderful images that have been published online by the television company.

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