Deserted diamond town in the Namib desert

Kolmanskop is a true ghost town in the middle of Namibia. Once diamonds were found here, but that was a long time ago. When you visit Kolmanskop you can see how nature is slowly taking the town back.

The town is now a photographer’s paradise. Kolmanskop has an intriguing history. In 1908 in several places in the Namibian desert, people found gold. One of the towns that sprung up to provide the miners with housing and entertainment was Kolmanskop.

Kolmanskop: The beauty of sand

Visiting Kolmanskop.

The township is in the middle of the desert. It is built to German architecture. When the town was at its peak there was a hospital, a dance all, a school, a bowling alley, a theatre and a station.

One of the houses in Kolmanskop.

Ten years later, at the end of the first world war, the price of diamonds plummeted, and that was the start of the end of Kolmanskop. And in 1936, people found larger and more valuable diamonds along the coast.

The miners left to move to Oranjemund, and by 1950 Kolmanskop was deserted and left to the sands of the desert. Slowly but surely, the buildings filled up with sand.

Mother nature is slowly taking back what’s hers. Eventually the whole town will disappear. The town has been used for several films, but it’s most popular with photographers. Looking at the photos, you understand why.

Best time to visit Kolmanskop

Sunset at Kolmanskop in Namibia.

You can visit this town at any time of the day. Although it can get very hot here around noon. You can walk through the houses, where there is a lot of shade.

The sunset is best suited for photos. Then you can also photograph outside with soft light. Which makes this place even more magical. And, most of the other tourists will have disappeared.

Location of Kolmanskop

Kolmanskop is located east of Lüderitz on the B4 road. It can also be reached by small plane.

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